by Carolyn McDonnell, Mercy Associate

Our Chicago area Mercy Association has been focusing on care for our Common Home. We’ve had workshops and discussions on best practices, and discussions on Laudato Si. Mercy Association bought about 75 cloth napkins and 18 cloth tablecloths, along with stainless dinnerware, to be used at Mercy Association events. If disposable cups are used, they are paper not plastic. We no longer ever serve water in plastic bottles and encourage all to bring their own travel cup or mug.  

Our meeting place allows us to use the dishes, cups, glasses, and silverware there for our gatherings with meals. At cleanup we sort out recyclables from trash. Any leftover food is distributed in reusable takeout containers or wrapped in foil. The ultimate goal is zero food waste.

When we need to indicate a preferred entrance to the meeting place, we no longer use balloons but have purchased reusable signs.