Through a vow of service to the poor, the sick and the uneducated, we are drawn to ministries where we see an unmet need. To this end, we serve God’s people through education, health care and other ministries that further social, political, economic and spiritual well-being. (Mercy Constitutions 8:4) As we minister to a concern, we shed light on a particular shortcoming of society. Whether a ministry benefits a few or many, each light shines equally bright.  

As Sisters of Mercy, we sponsor institutions to address our enduring concerns and to witness to Christ’s mission. Within these institutions, we, together with our co-workers and those we serve, endeavor to model mercy and justice while promoting systemic change according to these ideals. (Mercy Constitutions 8:5) Some ministries are sponsored or co-sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, while others are affiliated or historical partners. Regardless of the relationship, along with our Mercy associates, Mercy co-workers, and ministry staff, we provide support morally, wholeheartedly, and prayerfully.  

The most important of all our ministries is our Ministry of Prayer. Our prayer supports all in Mercy ministry. All are giving light. Each is a shining lamp. 

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