Sisters of Mercy, co-workers and associates continue Catherine McAuley’s mission of education. To ensure that mission into the future, we established the Conference for Mercy Higher Education (2002) and Mercy Education System of the Americas (2017).  The offices of these sponsored ministries of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas are located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

…will we step out of ourselves—& educate our students to step out of themselves—to identify with and work toward the liberation of others, to be Mercy as a real freeing from captivity, whatever form that takes: from bullying & prejudice; from violence, and trafficking, & fear?

Sister Patricia, challenging educators at Mercy Secondary Education Conference

Education Rooted in Faith, Compassion, and Action

Mercy schools, though geographically and culturally diverse, share a common heritage, legacy and mission. Committed to meeting the current needs of children, young women and men, Mercy secondary and elementary education remain a vital component of the works of the Sisters of Mercy and their partners. 

Mercy Education is international and ensures that education ministries are identified within the mission of the Catholic Church and are faithful to the charism, mission and core values of the Sisters of Mercy.

Colleges and universities are sponsored by the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy yet organized by the Conference for Mercy Higher Education (CMHE), bringing 17 Mercy colleges and universities into a standard network and providing oversight for the sponsorship relationship between the Sisters of Mercy and the sponsored institutions.

Education Ministries