By Cynthia Sartor, Companion in Mercy

Sometimes I have felt as though I have been riding on a camel following a star, not sure where I was going but being strangely attracted to a mysterious light in the sky. Sometimes I have felt a little dizzy and confused and wondered if I was heading in the right direction or just wondering aimlessly in the desert. Sometimes I have felt like I have been atop this camel for a long time and I was tired, and my muscles ached.

Every once in a while, I would think that I had found the reason for the star that seemed to be calling me, and then there were the times I got tired and irritated with my bewilderment and my camel and I would sit down and refuse to go any further. But then the star would re-appear and once again we traveled on, not quite knowing where we were going but knowing that we were being called to continue our journey.

There have been times when I lost sight of the star because there were so many other stars. I tried to follow them all but became confused and frustrated. And there have been times when I couldn’t find the star. The skies were dark, and clouds seemed to hide her brilliance.

Sometimes, out of pure frustration, I would stare at the blank sky and wonder if there really was a star to follow. And then there were those times when I felt as though I was all alone in my quest. It was during those times that I looked around and searched out the horizon and looked at the ground and found footprints of others attracted to the star. Sometimes on blind faith I followed those footprints. Sometimes I would follow the camel and rider up ahead and trust that we were all going in the right direction. Sometimes I traveled alone, sometimes with others, but always following the light in the sky.

For now, my camel and I continue, one step at a time, getting closer and closer, following the star that seems to be calling us on. I look around and notice that I am not alone, there are other camels and riders traveling with us. Slowly we advance, encouraging one another, watching the star and listening to her say to us, “Come along. Come along.”