Entered: September 8, 1961
Current Ministry: Writer, volunteer
Motto: Practice the truth in love

Sixty years – how is that possible?! They’ve sped by, full of surprises and changes unimaginable from the perspective of 1961 (our entrance year). I remember and cherish so much – family, companions, education, struggles and tears, travel, meaningful work, local communities, health, achievements and laughter, mentors, spiritual opportunities, diverse ministries, challenges met and unmet, friendships. Life continues to unfurl richly and I am glad.

The poet Mary Oliver once asked and advised, “Am I no longer young, and still not half perfect? Let me keep my mind on what matters…,” which is the quest to live in gratitude and service, in generosity and mercy, in trust and companionship with God. All is gift, and gifts received are meant to be given.


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