Age 97

Sister Rosalie was a Sister of Mercy for 80 years. Sister Rosalie’s motto was “My God and my All.” At the time of her 80th Jubilee, she wrote, “Two words describe my feelings – joy and gratitude. In my 50 years of teaching at all levels – elementary, secondary and college, I have experienced great satisfaction, many challenges and much joy. My life in our community of Mercy has been a fulfilling one with many opportunities for educational and spiritual growth and the development of many friendships. For all of this, I am deeply grateful and full of joy!”

In 1944 Sister Rosalie began her teaching career at St. Rose of Lima. Taking summer school classes and classes on Saturday, Sister graduated from Saint Xavier College in 1956. Thus, Rosalie began her professional career at the elementary level. Within a few years, she was assigned to teach mathematics and science at Mercy High School. Shortly after that, having completed her study at the University of Oklahoma in 1961, Saint Xavier College invited Sister Rosalie to join the math department. This was five years after graduating from Saint Xavier College! She also taught mathematics for four years at Salve Regine College in Newport, RI.

Sister Rosalie spent 34 happy years and served under eight presidents while at Saint Xavier College, and it grew from Saint Xavier College to Saint Xavier University. Sister Rosalie chaired the math department for several years as a valued professional and was selected to serve on many committees because of her good judgment and prudence.

On her retirement in 1995, Susan Beal, a respected colleague, wrote, “Rosalie has always been the core of our department … Her quiet guidance and calming presence have carved the mode in which we work. And her insights, encouragement, support, and friendship have added to the quality of our professional and personal lives.” She has always been available to the students, and “Not only is she an excellent teacher, but she is sought after by students. She lives her calling as a Sister of Mercy, and students feel comfortable seeking her out and talking with her.”

When Sister Rosalie retired, she actively reached out to young high school students at Mercy Girls Home, assisting them with their homework and teaching them good study skills. In addition, Sister Rosalie became a minister of care and brought Holy Communion to the sick and homebound. Both ministries were like treasured gifts to her. So many wonderful things can be said of dear Rosalie! Truly, she was a genuinely delightful lady. She was a warm, gentle, humble, kind, and compassionate person who was deeply spiritual, astute, and even-tempered. Sister Rosalie was deeply loved by her family, friends, colleagues, and many of her students.  What a gracious lady and dedicated Sister of Mercy.