Age 89

Sister Patricia, an educator who strove for social justice, came to know the Sisters of Mercy as an English teacher at Bishop Quigley High School in Buffalo, New York. Three years later, she entered the Sisters of Mercy in Buffalo.

Living and teaching in Buffalo’s Perry Project area in the 1960s led to an active interest in the Civil Rights Movement. Working at St. Brigid’s Parish while living with those who were economically challenged was a unique ministry experience of mixed cultures, including African Americans, Hispanics and Caucasians. This eventually led to a year of an inculturation experience at St. Jude’s Parish in Montgomery, Alabama. Returning to Buffalo, she taught at Trocaire College and participated in a special program in San Antonio, Texas, titled “Ministry to Ministers.”

She once said, “Being an active member of a service group known as Quota International and Mercy Action for Justice has led me to work for the poor and marginalized in society.”