Age 93

Sister Patricia Ann (Pat) Mundy was a Sister of Mercy for 74 years. She graduated from Coughlin High School and received her degree in elementary education from College Misericordia in Dallas, Pennsylvania. Additionally, she studied at Syracuse University and Scranton University.

Most of her teaching ministry was in primary grades, where she influenced the lives of many with her patience and gift of connecting with young children. After many years of teaching within the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Sister Pat became a member of the faculty at the Mercy Institute of Educational Development (MIED) in Dallas, Pennsylvania. Along with her dear friends, Sisters Bridget Clark, Mary Clare Dougherty and Ann Patrice Wassel, Sister Pat continued helping children learn and grow through her patience, thoughtfulness and perseverance at MIED. In her later years, Pat joined the presence and prayer ministry at Mercy Center, where she prayerfully remembered all those in need.

Sister Pat is remembered for her quiet and thoughtful ways as well as her gratitude for the life of faith she was blessed to live.