Age 83

Sister Mary Katharine Brennan was a Sister of Mercy for 64 years. Sister Mary Katharine graduated from Pittsville Catholic High School. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from the college Misericordia and a Master’s degree from St. Joseph University in Hartford, Connecticut.

Her years in the ministry of teaching were shared in the Dioceses of Harrisburg, Scranton, Brooklyn, and Altoona, Pennsylvania.  She especially enjoyed her years at Trinity High school in Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania.

Sister Katharine was an avid reader and would engage in theological discussions whenever possible. Her strong faith and peaceful heart guided her throughout her life. This was particularly true in the last months of her life when she saw her own death as a new beginning.  She died peacefully and was content knowing that she lived her life using the gifts and talents she had given to the best of her ability to bring MERCY to those she met.