Age 99

Sister Mary Agnes Zore was comfortable in solitude and had a depth and fidelity in daily devotions.

Born in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, she entered the Sisters of Mercy at St. Joseph Convent in Titusville, Pennsylvania, in 1945. After earning a bachelor’s degree in elementary education at Mercyhurst College (University), in Erie, Pennsylvania, she began her 40 plus year educational career.

Sister Mary Agnes taught elementary school children throughout the Diocese of Erie and for four years in the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After retiring from teaching, she continued her service by taking parish censuses, visiting shut-ins, assisting in pastoral ministry, welcoming visitors as a receptionist and driving local sisters to appointments.

She enjoyed the simple things in life. Over many years, she maintained her relationships in her hometown, as well as with many others, through faithful letter writing.  She was known for riding her bicycle around town and continued to ride in her early retirement years. When she was no longer able to bike, she attended exercise classes with the senior citizens at Mercy Terrace Apartments.

Sister Mary Agnes died at the Mercy Motherhouse in Erie, Pennsylvania, two days before her 100th birthday.