Age 85

A Sister of Mercy for 67 years, Sister Marilyn Rose Dietz entered the Community in Cincinnati, Ohio, which was her birthplace.

She began her teaching ministry in 1958 teaching Grade 2 at St. Teresa’s School in Cincinnati. That was followed by 17 more years teaching primary grades, mostly in Dayton, Ohio. Sister Marilyn then served for several years as a principal in Piqua, Ohio. She especially valued teaching the younger children about Jesus. 

In 1984, Sister Marilyn moved to Orange, California, and she spent three years as a student with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. From 1987 to 2007, she was again involved in elementary education, as a teacher and principal. She also served as a pastoral minister. But what seemed most important to her during those years was her evangelization ministry with her good friend and housemate, Sister Marguerite Jimenez. During these years, they traveled around in a mobile home through California, Texas and New Mexico. Over the years, Sister Marilyn made many good friends and influenced countless lives. In 2008, she retired and returned to Cincinnati.