Age 91

Combining her skills and talents as an educator with those in spiritual direction, Sister Jane companioned others on their faith journeys.

She entered the Sisters of Mercy on July 1, 1949, after her high school graduation. Jane received a bachelor’s degree in education from the Diocesan Teachers College in Madison, Connecticut, a master’s degree in education from Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts, and a doctorate in divinity studies from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Donaldson, Indiana.

For 20 years, she taught elementary school in the Hartford and Bridgeport dioceses. Jane served as a Master Teacher for Sisters of Mercy in training at the Country Day School in Madison, Connecticut. After she received her doctorate, Jane ministered as a spiritual director for 30 years with individuals in leadership in religious communities, education and health care. She served as the first director at the Spiritual Life Center in Montville, Connecticut, for three years.

Sister. Jane considered God as her friend and lived and promoted the tenet that “there is no room for fear in the relationship with a friend – only trust – ever deepening.” She brought the reality of God’s presence in all aspects of life to the people she served.