By Sister Leslie Porreca

We are the human body of Earth. Let us make our way being mindful.

Living mindfully is an invitation to fully participate in your life, in your work, in your community and in your family.

We mean well but often forget something that we fully want to participate in—not because we do not want to do the activity, but perhaps because our mind is too full of thoughts that grab us as we go from here to there. Does this ever happen to you: moving into another room with the intention to get a particular object, yet when you get to the room you forgot why you went there? If you’re not too embarrassed, you will say yes.

It is the same way with our good intentions about Earth care. We want to use the products that are good for us and the Earth, but somehow others get purchased.

Here is where the mindfulness comes into play. Try for one day to be mindful about the products you consume, create, make or purchase. Think about:

  • Where did they come from?
  • How were they made?
  • Whose hands were involved in the creation of the product? Did they receive a just wage for their work?
  • What materials were used in the product and packaging? Can the packaging be re-used, like a glass jar? Or can it be recycled, like a plastic container?

Even just one day of mindfulness can have a positive impact on the decisions we make and the products we use and purchase.

Starting where we are, being mindful with each step, living in integrity of word and deed, we participate in the stewardship of Earth, our common home.

Take action from your mobile device or laptop! Sister Leslie recommends a mobile app called Recyclebank (or go online at You can learn about how to recycle different products and take quizzes to earn points that can then be used to obtain green, Earth-friendly products. You can also “donate” your points to green initiatives for schools and nonprofits.

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