Remembering Significant Anniversaries and Critical Concerns

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In the coming days, we encounter three significant anniversaries that illuminate the critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy. November 29, is the 38th anniversary of the death of peace activist and co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, Dorothy Day. December 1 is the anniversary of the day in 1955 that civil rights icon Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Then, December 2 marks the 38th anniversary of the murder of four Catholic women in El Salvador.

To commemorate these events, three West Midwest Sisters wrote short reflections about the anniversaries. May these brief and heartfelt reflections help you to consider your own connections to these remarkable women.

Dorothy Day: A Reflection
By Sister Martha Larsen

I fell in love with Dorothy Day at age 10, while reading the Catholic Worker at my grandmother’s in the Montana mountains. (Read more…)

Rosa Parks: A Reflection
By Sister Anne Fleming

In Detroit, we are fortunate. There are constant reminders of Rosa Parks: the person she was and the good she has done. (Read more …)

Seeds of Martyrs: A Reflection
By Sister Diane Clyne

When we were in grade school, I remember having the stories of early Christian martyrs read to us. The hope was that we would be inspired by the faith and courage in their lives. But they lived long ago. (Read more …)