Welcome! The Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity is
glad to share with you this exciting, challenging, sometimes difficult but
always fruitful exploration of human persons made lovingly in the image of
the Divine.

We offer these resources in that spirit, grateful for your interest and eager
to hear from you what would be most helpful in your life and work. The
following lists are partial and limited, meant to get one started not finished!
We are especially interested to highlight insightful materials by a wide
variety of people.

We consider these resources to be part of the unfolding of the insights
about human sexuality plan to add materials as our studies deepen, our
prayer expands and our solidarity with all takes ever more merciful

We chose the selected materials to inform the wider conversation but
recognize that there are many places to find theological resources. This site,
and the sites we suggest, are meant to be go-to places for our Mercy
community to find solid, well-grounded information and thoughtful
opinions to guide us as we join the dialogues that will create the just and
loving world we seek.

We are especially aware of the need to focus our attention on those whose
lives have been left out of much church-related discussion of same-sex love,
especially women, trans people, and people of color. So our selections will
not necessarily include the most popular or widely read materials. Those
people can find elsewhere. These resources reflect our effort lift up and
cherish all voices. We also aim to contextualize our SOGI concerns in a
wider intersectional justice framework.

Given the dynamic, broad-ranging nature of this field, please feel free to
suggest additional materials. Just send us an email at with your ideas for our lists.