A Prayer for Vocation Discernment

There is so much competing for my attention, God,
and all I want is to know you better.
Reach through my busy days to draw me closer to you.
I ask for wisdom to make decisions that lead me to the light.
I ask for light to follow the path that leads me to love.
I ask for love to fill my heart that searches for you.
All of this, my God, I ask so that I may be your mercy to each and all.

Sister Danielle Gagnon, RSM

Sisters Become Sisters

Donna and Pat Coward, sisters by birth, reflect on their journeys to becoming Sisters of Mercy.

Spirituality in our 90s

Spirituality in our 90s: Beholding life evolving in each other and our world by Sister Elizabeth Mary Burns, National Catholic Reporter

Shining Lamps

We should all be shining lamps! by Sister Boreta Singleton

“Make Mercy Real” during Catholic Sisters Week 2024

The New Membership team is asking sisters, associates, companions, staff, students and partners in Mercy to help “Make Mercy Real” during this commemoration by honoring those Catholic Sisters in your life who inspired you, challenged you and loved you. Using your gifts and talents to help others, you are invited, in the name of a sister who had an impact on your life, to:

  • Sponsor a ”sock” drive for a local shelter.
  • Collect food for your local pantry.
  • Invite a sister to speak to your parish, school, or religious education program.
  • Gather a group to clean up your neighborhood (or the property of a someone who is home-bound) to show your care for Creation.
  • Write a letter or visit someone who needs companionship.
  • Support a missionary you know; ask what they need from you to help others.

Take a picture of your event and share it on social media—and share the photo with us at!

Celebrating Mercy