Sister Patricia C. Flynn

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Sister Pat Flynn has been a member of the Institute Leadership Team (ILT) since 2017.  Previously, she served on leadership teams at the community and regional levels. Pat also worked with newer members as a formation director and has served on a variety of Institute-wide committees dealing with ministry and governance and on the Institute Reconciliation Board.

A native of Portland, Maine, Pat retains her distinctive New England accent and her perspective as a first-generation Irish American, which personalizes her concern for immigration issues to this day.  With a degree in English, and master and doctoral degrees in philosophy, Pat has spent much of her ministry as an educator, teaching philosophy to college students and English and religion to junior high and high school students. She also served in diocesan administration for the Portland Diocese, directing the Department of Pastoral and Educational services and co-directing the RENEW program for the diocese.

“As an educator committed to lifelong learning, it is a rare day that doesn’t bring me some new insight into myself and my world. If I had to pick out only one significant learning in my life, it would be what is the foundation for my life: the realization that I am loved personally, deeply and unconditionally by God and that God has this same relationship with every person I meet, whether they know it or not. This learning is never ‘once for all’ but constantly unfolding, both comforting and challenging, an opportunity for gratitude and an invitation to share the mystery of God’s Mercy with others as the Good News that liberates and heals. This realization of God at work in my life and in the world helps me to freely embrace the challenges and risks of leadership with trust and courage and with a stance of listening for God’s Word in the events of each day.”

Sister Patricia C. Flynn, Institute Leadership Team Member

In her free time, Pat enjoys walking and appreciating Nature, experimenting with the creativity of cooking and relaxing with a good murder mystery!