September 7, 1961
Current Ministry: Ministry of Prayer and Volunteer
Motto: Trust in God and Live

“My time learning to be a Sister of Mercy” and my continuation of it. —
Being taught by Sisters of Mercy at St. Joseph Grade School. My family’s acceptance of my entering the Mercy Community when I graduated from Howell High School. Driving me to Detroit – Mercy College Campus.Teaching with other Sisters of Mercy in Elementary Schools. Visiting Ireland with two other Sisters of Mercy for my Golden Jubilee Year. Learning where Catherine lived and more about her life and Spirit. So many ways of learning about Catherine. And teaching in a number of Mercy Schools. Living with Sisters of Mercy until the last place I taught where I was the only Sister of Mercy on staff. Retiring from Schools. Moving into Massage Therapy when I first began my Ministry at McAuley Life Center. And then moving to St. Bernadine’s Convent in Fremont.
I’ve been most grateful that I could always be a part of the Mercy Community and continued to receive the support of my family.


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