Sister Judith Frikker

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Sister Judith Frikker has been a member of the Institute Leadership Team (ILT) since 2017. Previously, she served on the leadership teams of the Detroit Regional Community and, later, as a member of and then president of the West Midwest Community Leadership Team.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Judith studied medicine after college and was a practicing physician, ministering for six years at two Mercy hospitals in Michigan. This led to two months of ministry at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Guyana and the life-changing experience of 12 years of ministry as a physician and parish pastoral worker in Chile. Each of these experiences of Mercy taught her that she could be at home in different settings, always finding the Mercy values she knew and the support she needed. Upon returning to the United States, she served as a primary care physician in a clinic for persons without health insurance.

Judith’s experience with the Institute Leadership Conference has given her an Institute-wide perspective that has been helpful in walking together on the Journey of Oneness with other Sisters of Mercy. Time spent in spiritual direction and on annual retreat, as well as reading, cross stitching and gardening help her maintain balance in her life.

Asked to describe a significant learning, based on her years in community and Institute leadership, Sister Judith said:

“As I look back at decisions made for the Community, I sometimes think that a better decision could have been made. Hindsight can perhaps give that impression. However, I have learned through experience that when the decision was made, in prayer and discernment, with what was known and with the persons involved, it was the best decision that could be made at the time.”

Sister Judith Frikker, Institute Leadership Team Member