Age 84

Sister Lilyan Mary Fraher, RSM, (formerly Sister Mary de Montfort) entered the Sisters of Mercy in September 1955, following her graduation from the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy (Lauralton Hall), Milford, Connecticut. While a student at Lauralton Hall, she was profoundly influenced by the life and spirituality of the principal, Sister Mary Hines, which contributed to Sister Lilyan’s decision to enter the Sisters of Mercy Community. She found the commitment of the sisters to service to the poor, sick and uneducated consistent with her life plan. Throughout the next 60 years following her profession of perpetual vows in 1961, she found joy, hope and happiness in a variety of ministries.

After earning a BA in education in 1959 from the Diocesan Sisters’ College, Madison, Sister Lilyan pursued graduate studies in theology and scripture at the Catholic University of America and Boston College, receiving an MA in religious studies from the University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford in 1973.

As a teacher and administrator, Sister Lilyan was recognized for her ability to tap into the potential of students and colleagues, blending her enthusiasm, quiet peacefulness and warm smile as together they created a vision for the future. This vision led Sister Lilyan to expand her influences into formal religious education programs, retreats and spiritual direction.

Accepting leadership positions for the Sisters of Mercy, she guided the spiritual development of countless individuals.

In 1996, Sister Lilyan received the Lauralton Hall Mother Mary Augustine Claven Award in recognition of her life in Mercy.

The Sisters of Mercy are grateful to the Saint Mary Home staff for the compassionate care provided to Sister Lilyan during her extended illness.