“Nature’s Walk” and “The Sun and the Moon”

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April is National Poetry Month! Follow along on our Stories of Mercy blog and enjoy poems from Mercy students on the theme “Love of the Natural World.”

Nature’s Walk

By Brianna Gardner, student at Mount St. Joseph Preparatory School, Mandeville, Jamaica

It was a beautiful day,
When I decided to go out to play.
At first I went to the park,
But then I wanted to take a short walk.
The wind was blowing the trees,
That gave me a sense of peace.
The birds were flying happily,
That made me think thoroughly.

“Nature is fun!”
“So why do I always run?”
I close my eyes then inhale and exhale.
I open my eyes and saw a beautiful sight.
The glory of God was in my eyes,
Starting from day one,
I heard nature’s beauty call.

The Sun and the Moon

By Julissa Sterling, student at Mount St. Joseph Preparatory School, Mandeville, Jamaica

In the darkest night,
In the brightest dawn,
I see you from afar.
Shining your light unto the earth,
Being the brightest star you are.

Being the most beautiful view at night,
You show up in the morning,
In the middle of dawn,
Just to put a smile upon my face.
You wander around,
Lonely in the dark.

It is like I can touch you,
But we are too far apart
Our love is strong,
And our bond will never break.
You two light up the dark…ALWAYS.

You are the sun and the moon,
The ones who make me smile daily
I love you.