By Cynthia Sartor, Companion in Mercy

Several of my friends and I were talking about life in general and our many experiences when the conversation shifted to spiritual matters. One of our group was so eloquent, another so descriptive and yet another so determined to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Divine. A friend sat quietly then simply shared with us the fact that she thought her spirituality was quite simple and not up to the level of the group. I thought this an oddly disturbing comment. I did not want my friend to feel bad and yet, I thought to myself, how can we compare spiritualties?

I have several gold rings. One ring is my dad’s wedding ring that I wear as a sign of my Mercy Companion commitment. Another is a ring that I had designed for a small cameo, the first gift my dad gave my mother. I have always loved that ring. Then there is the signature ring that once belonged to the old man who lived across the street from me when I was growing up. He was very much like a grandfather to me. It is old and worn and the “W” can hardly be seen any longer. Each one of these rings means something to me. No two are alike in shape or size, yet each one is special because of its meaning and the relationship I had with the person who gave me the ring.

How can gold be compared with gold, or design with design, or meaning with meaning? They are alike, these gold rings, because of the love intertwined in remembrance. There is no comparison because love cannot be compared, it can only be enjoyed and shared. And yet there is a difference, and in that difference, there is wonder and meaning and memories. 

And so it is with spirituality: it cannot be compared since it is a personal relationship with the Divine that comes from journeying together. At times different, always evolving, dancing in and around our personalities and always bidding us to come a little closer, for it is the Divine who is calling us to come a little closer. Gold cannot be compared, nor can love.