On September 24, we will celebrate the 195th anniversary of the day Catherine McAuley opened the doors of the House of Mercy on Baggot Street. This began her ministry of serving the poor, the sick, and those in need of education. Beginning on September 17, we will “Celebrate Mercy” in history, poetry, education, art, justice, music, ministry, and prayer through reflections written by sisters.  

We celebrate Mercy in music with “Dancing, Singing, Circling.” Composed by Sister Claudette Schiratti, the song rejoices in Mercy and the ways joy can ease life’s burdens.

A trained musician and prolific composer, Sister Claudette had a degree in piano performance from the Catholic University of America and a master’s degree in sacred music with a concentration in the organ from the University of Kansas. She performed alongside Kansas City Symphony musicians and was a founding member of newEar, Kansas City’s contemporary chamber music group. Sister Claudette entered into eternal life on August 21, 2022.