We, Mercy Associates, are women and men, who respond to the Gospel invitation of Jesus, and the example of Catherine McAuley, to minister to God’s children who are experiencing poverty, illness, or lack of education by living out the spiritual and corporal works of Mercy. We incorporate these values into our daily lives and share the unique mission of Mercy in our homes, workplaces, churches, and communities. While connected to the Sisters of Mercy, we come from many different faith traditions but are respectful of, and comfortable with, Christian symbolism and prayer.

We actively participate in the life of the Sisters of Mercy and share in the unique charism of the Institute. We do not take vows (poverty, chastity, obedience, and service) like the Sisters of Mercy do. Instead, we make a covenant (commitment) to be partners with the Sisters of Mercy and to share in their spiritual life and in their pledge of service to others and to our world. We work to extend the presence of Mercy to our sisters and brothers through prayer, solidarity, and volunteer projects.

There are more than 3,000 of us throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, Guam and the Philippines. The association process is generally about a year—occasionally meeting with other Associates and Sisters of Mercy for prayer, fellowship, support, learning about the Mercy Association, and discerning if it’s right for you. After this period of mutual discernment, a covenant ceremony marks the formal commitment to the Mercy family.

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