Location: San Diego, CA

Casa de Misericordia is an intentional community and ministry located 12 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border in California.   The community and the ministry services are located in the Barrio Logan district of San Diego, whose population is 90% Hispanic. Casa de Misericordia is affiliated with Our Lady of Guadalupe parish, led by a pastoral team of Jesuit priests and lay persons. The community members reside in the spacious convent.  Casa de Misericordia community members (persons of all genders – vowed and non-vowed) make a commitment to common spiritual practices, shared community times and, as each is able, service to/with migrant persons. 

Should you who feel a nudge, perhaps a call, to presence to and service with migrant persons, Casa de Misericordia offers the opportunity to respond.  Additional persons are especially needed to join in the services of Casa de Misericordia. Since its inception in September 2020, under the leadership of Mary Waskowiak, RSM and in collaboration with others, Casa de Misericordia has developed several programs and services in the Barrio Logan community.   These include the Mercy Immigration Project and the Community Resource Center, which assist persons in accessing legal advice and available social services. A Community Garden and classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) provide a space for community building, while learning English or developing needed food resources. And as part of the ministry, cross-border immersion and service activities are provided for interested groups on a limited basis. Furthermore, individuals who would offer administrative or bookkeeping/accounting expertise would be welcome to support the overall work of Casa de Misericordia. Each of the above services offers the opportunity for interested persons to participate in this ministry.

Persons interested would be expected to give a minimum of 9 – 12 months to this endeavor. Ability to speak Spanish is helpful, though not a requirement.  Interested persons would complete an application form and engage in a mutual discernment process with members of the current Casa de Misericordia community.  For more information, or to plan a “Come and See,” contact Mary Waskowiak, RSM at