Executive Director, Dawn’s Place

Dawn’s Place is a non-profit organization that proactively supports women affected by commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and its abuse by providing services to women and raising awareness through education, prevention, public policy reform and community collaborations. Because we believe that CSE is a violation of human rights and the most extreme form of domestic violence. Dawn’s Place works to improve the lives of women trapped by, or at risk for CSE through providing housing, trauma recovery services, vocational training and other services.

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director at Dawn’s Place is responsible for the overall management and operation of the program. The Executive Director is to implement the strategic goals and objectives of Dawn’s Place and to give direction and leadership toward the achievement of Dawn’s Place philosophy, mission strategy and its annual goals and objectives. The Director will oversee all activities, program licensing, reporting, preparing of budgets, fund raising, staff hiring and management and admission of residents.

To the Board:

  • Provide leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and carry out plans and policies authorized by the Board.
  • Prepare and present an annual evaluation of total program services according to goals set by the Board.
  • Report the overall management and direction of the administrative and programmatic aspects of Dawn’s Place
  • Communicate significant developments and trends in the field.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual reports on program activities.
  • Prepare annual and long-term budgets with the treasurer and bookkeeper.
  • Report on current income and expenses with the treasurer and bookkeeper.
  • Make known financial needs and elicit Board knowledge of resources, funding agencies, etc. to meet those needs.


  • Assist President of the Board in agenda development.
  • Attend Board meetings and give Director’s report.
  • Assist with developing materials that promote Dawn’s Place.
  • Participate in strategic planning.

In relationship with staff: the Executive Director will

  • Provide leadership in developing programs and in carrying out plans and policies authorized by the Board.
  • Be responsible for the employment and termination of all personnel, both paid staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure that job descriptions are developed, that regular performance evaluations are held and that sound human resources practices are in place.
  • Provide orientation for both employees and volunteers.
  • Encourage staff and volunteer development and education and assist program staff in relating their specialized work to the total program of the organization.
  • Maintain a climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates the staff.
  • Troubleshoot problems associated with program functioning with staff.
  • Be responsible for annual staff evaluations.
  • Work with supervisors for their active and board participation in program activities carried out by staff and volunteers at Dawn’s Place.

In communications, the Executive Director will

  • Conduct weekly staff meetings to evaluate and plan the on-going work with the residents.
  • Conduct individual monthly meetings with program director, grant writer, bookkeeper, and development director.
  • Assist with the development of the quarterly newsletter.
  • Participate in meetings of similar anti-trafficking organizations and coalitions.

In budget and finance, the Executive Director will

  • Maintain sound financial practices.
  • Work with the staff, development committee, executive committee, finance committee and the Board in preparing the annual budget.
  • Make sure that adequate funds are available to permit the organization to carry out its work.
  • Oversee grant writing.
  • Oversee budget expenditures.

In Operations, the Executive Director will

  • Maintain official records and documents and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Keep program/residence license and certification up to date.
  • Oversee maintenance of Dawn’s Place residence, Teresita House and the grounds.
  • Keep writing policies and procedures up to date.
  • Attend meetings with development committee, financial committee, executive committee and Board of Directors.

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